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Course Description:

This Scientifically based, fast-moving presentation designed for private practice will cover state of the art topics, tips and tricks, and step-by-step techniques in implant prosthetics. A systematic approach to ideal esthetic treatment from single tooth replacement to edentulous treatment will be presented, emphasizing long-term stability, predictability and probability in private practice. This program is designed for the entire implant team, stressing ideal interaction for simplification of even the most advanced esthetic cases, with reduced chair time and increased probability.

Topics in fixed and removable implant prosthetics will be addressed, focusing on predictable treatment planning; provisionalization and soft tissue esthetics; occlusal schemes and simplified over dentures; and implant-retained partial dentures from start to finish, including foolproof free determination and patient presentation techniques. Also included will be a complete overview of the newest technology to gain comfort and confidence in incorporating benefits of CAD/CAM and zirconium materials.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain confidence and predictability with sate of the art implant techniques
  • Update knowledge of current concepts and matirials in implant dentistry
  • Integrate advanced techniques into private practice with simplification
  • Allow patients to benefit from implant-based treatment through ideal fee determination and presentation techniques



Dr. Robert Vogel, General Dentist

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Dr. Vogel graduated Dental School from Columbia University in New York and completed a residency at Jackson Memorial, Mount Sinai and Miami Children’s vogelHospital in Miami Florida.

He maintains a full time Dental practice in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida focused on Implant Prosthetics and Reconstructive Dentistry working closely with several specialists to provide ideal care.  Dr. Vogel conducts clinical trials and provides clinical advice to the Dental Implant field.  He has developed and collaborated on several components and techniques in use in Implant Dentistry today.

He lectures internationally on Implant Dentistry focused on Precision, Predictability and Simplification through ideal Planning and use of State of the Art Materials.  He continues to publish scientific articles on Implant Dentistry and is a Fellow of the International Team for Implantology.



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