What happens when you go two weeks without brushing your teeth?

What happens when you go two weeks without brushing your teeth? We promise you it’s not good! Professor Lain Chapple conducted tests at the University of Birmington School of Dentistry. Tests showed that by not brushing your teeth for just two weeks, it can be harmful to your immune system. Tests were done on Dr. Christopher Van Tulleken, who went without brushing one side of his mouth for a fortnight to assess the results. He wore a gum guard on one side of his mouth so that one side of his mouth wouldn’t get cleaned.

Towards the end of the test he began to brush his teeth with out the gum guard on and his gums bled a bit. He had developed a mild gum disease. More significantly, the fact that Dr. Van Tulleken’s immune system was affected by not brushing his teeth for two weeks. Lab tests using his white blood cells show that they had become less effective at moving towards an infectious invader when it was introduced to them. Turns out that instead of heading towards the invader to attack it, the white cells were heading there slowly and random in inefficient ways. These results indicate that his whole body had become inflamed as a result of an infection in his gums.

Read more about this study here: http://dailym.ai/1M6ocaH

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